Dr. Matthias Lorenz, Ph.D. studied horticulture at the Technische Universität München Weihenstephan with strong focus on eco-physiology of plants and chemical plant compounds. With his Ph.D. studies he demonstrated the pathway of domestication of wild grown sub/tropical medicinal plants. More than 10 years he was engaged in international development in Central and South America. During this time he coordinated several domestication projects, got European and American companies involved in joint ventures and executed the first International Congress of Herbal Medicinal Products in Chile and the Merco Sur. For CMI (Centers for Medical Innovation AG Munich) he headed the worldwide production and research of medicinal plants needed for Medicinal Plant Product development. For Boehringer Ingelheim he headed the international sourcing of medicinal plant raw materials for extraction and coordinated several domestication and screening programs. For Bayer-Steigerwald he setup international research on medicinal plants, was responsible for quality and risk mitigation in supply and executed several seminars on GACP conform production and primary processing in China, North Africa, Europe and South America.
He is founder of PhytoConsult and executed numerous sourcing and research projects on medicinal plant raw materials in the Caribbean, the Americas, Asia and North Africa. He developed and applies techniques of information from satellites in strategic sourcing, quality control, risk mitigation and research of medicinal plants.

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